Ph.D., Professor

Xiaohui Tian is the principal of Physical Materials Teaching and Research Group and director of Solid State Ionics Branch of the Chinese Society for Silicate. He received B.S. and master from Nanjing University in 1985 and 1988 and became a faculty member since then. In 1989, he was send to study for degree in Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, received Ph.D. in 1995 and worked in the group. He worked at ECUST in May, 1999. From 2001 up to now, he has been to Russia to carry on academic exchanges several times and established long-term cooperative relations with Polymer Technology Group of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology. Now, he perform the research on metal coordination polymer and carry out many research projects including National Natural Science Foundation. More than 50 papers and 2 monographs have been published in journals at home and abroad.

P.o. Box 391, East China University of Science and Technology, 02164252167,