Academic Events | Professor Si Chen from Zhejiang University of Technology Came to the School for an Academic Exchange

     On June 3, 2021, at the invitation of Professor Jiaping Lin from the school of Materials Science and Technology, Professor Si Chen from Zhejiang University of Technology came to our school for academic exchange and delivered an academic report entitled "Research on Supramolecular Assembly and Application based on POSS Nuclear Dendritic Macromolecules".

Organic/inorganic hybrid dendrimers with POSS as the core have great application potential in the fields of drug carriers and biological imaging. At the same time, they are also a kind of functional-rich and precise nano-scale assembly bases for the construction of supramolecular materials.  Prof. Si Chen introduced the unique chiral assembly behavior of these dendrimers, the formation of the "loofah-like" gel network structure and its application in the field of biaxially stretched display materials. The report involved basic scientific issues and related applications, and the content was from the shallower to the deep, which aroused the interest of the teachers and students present. Professor Si Chen answered the questions raised by everyone in detail.

In the afternoon, Prof. Si Chen visited the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced Polymer Materials, conducted academic Communication with Prof. Jiaping Lin's research group, and conducted in-depth discussions based on the ongoing research on polymer self-assembly and its application.

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