Headline News | 4 PhDs and 6 Masters in the Research Group Successfully Passed the Graduation Defenses!

Recently, the research group organized 3 graduation defenses and invited peer experts to conduct a strict review and on-site defense guidance on the graduates' dissertations.

After the defense, 4 doctors (Rui Hu, Wenheng Xu, Wei Hong, Zuowei Chen) and 6 masters (Liangwei Lu, Hongmeng Zhao, Shi Du, Wenyi Yang, Lulu Wang, Shuochen Zhao) successfully passed the graduation defense!

Congratulations to the above graduates, Wish you a bright future, and I hope you make persistent efforts in the future!

Attached is the PPT home page of the graduate defense report and some photos of teachers and students.




网页发布时间: 2021-06-04